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The Lindsays were prominent in both England and Scotland from the late 11th century.[1] The name most likely derives from the region of Lindsey in England (the name of which comes from the Old English for "island of Lincoln") though it could also refer to the village of Limésy in Normandy.Sir Walter de Lindissie accompanied David of Scotland, Earl of Huntingdon, to claim his throne.Walter's great-grandson, Sir William de Lindsay, sat in the Parliament of 1164 and was later a justiciar.William Lindsay held the lands of Ercildum, Crawford and Luffness. The chief's premier title was later Earl of Crawford.[1] Sir William Lindsay sat in Parliament as Baron of Luffness in East Lothian.He probably had two wives, and through his wife Alienora de Limesi came David de Lindsay.

Sir William Lindsay's son was Sir David de Lindsay who married a member of the royal family named Marjory.David died in 1214 and was succeeded as Lord Crawford and High Justiciar of Lothian by his son who was also called David.This David also inherited the English estates of Limesay and Wolveray.One of his descendants was another Sir David Lindsay who was Chamberlain of Scotland in 1256.